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A Progressive Take on Permitting Reform

A partnership with the Roosevelt Institute

Building Public Renewables in the United States

A federal public renewable energy developer could be key to accelerating the transition and ensuring that the benefit of the transition is in the hands of the many, not the few.

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Economist's Case for Supply Side Action

 Without discrete restrictive supply-side planning and policy, the end of fossil fuels will be a chaotic collapse where workers, communities, and the environment suffer. We propose 10 policies to manage the fossil fuel transition.

A New Era of Public Power

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is the biggest state-owned utility in the US. We argue that NYPA can be leveraged to achieve New York's ambitious climate goals and create a democratic energy system.


Building Decarbonization has a Natural Gas Pipeline Problem

Building decarbonization is treated as an appliance swapping project, missing the systemic nature of the natural gas demand reduction explicit in the swap.

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The Power of Community Utilities

Publicly and cooperatively owned electric utilities have the potential to demonstrate what an equitable, clean energy system looks like in the United States. They could become powerful “anchor institutions” for the transition.

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Green Industrial Policy Primer

After forty years of neoliberal environmental and economic policy dominance, industrial policy is back at the center of agendas around the world. 

Polling: Public Power Resonates with Voters in ME

55 percent of Mainers believed that utilities should be nonprofits.

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Deconstructing Gas Industry Propaganda

What does the gas industry want you to believe? And what is the truth? 

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