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Debt Justice for Climate Reparations

The poorest countries on Earth are also the most climate-vulnerable. The US should take the first steps toward a larger climate reparations program through wholesale debt restructuring and cancellation.

Exporting Extinction

How the international financial system
constrains biodiverse futures

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Financialization, Debt, and Water in Africa

Water is life, but it is also big business. Water is increasingly privatized and financialized.

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Less War, Less Warming

A reparative approach to US and UK military ecological damages. A partnership with Common Wealth.

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 Addressing Debt as a Driver of Biodiversity Loss

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) must address the connection between biodiversity and debt.

Debt and Ecological Crisis Series

A series of policy briefings on environmental finance in the debt and ecological crisis.  


Ceasefire Now, Ceasefire Forever

No climate justice without Palestinian freedom and self-determination.

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